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The Baggers: Week Four

Week four has the store employees make their first foray into crime fighting as a team when their new store crime computer/bar-code scanner tells them about a shoplifter in aisle 12.

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The Baggers: Week Three

Week three has the store employees uniting as a team to protect against supermarket-based evil and darkness and to make shopping fun and safe for good people everywhere.

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The Baggers: Week Two

Week two has the store employees trying to rescue a shopper who fell down a well in aisle 6.

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The Baggers: Week One

Week one introduces most of the members of the Baggers team: Abe, Nathan, Mrs. Wanda, Mr. Mental Hygiene and HydroNova.

Note: I can’t find the originals for these so the scans are coming from clips that are over 15 years old so the image quality isn’t that great.

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Strips Vs. Squares

When Rob and I got to college we were sure we’d get on the school paper since we had a lot of material built up. We were rejected though because they only ran multi-panel strips and not the single-panel squares we were doing.

We ended up having to do an All Is Well strip one semester and then we convinced them to give squares a try after that. Soon they had several other cartoonists doing squares and we were able to stick with those (although we did try another strip one other semester).

Our strips weren’t as good as our squares—partly because they’re a very different format and we just didn’t have as much practice with writing jokes that way. They’re worth preserving though, so I want to scan and post them here.

The series I’m going to post first is the second we did and centers around a supermarket that’s run by superheroes. They call themselves the BAGGERS — the Banded Alliance Gainfully Gathered to Eliminate wRongdoing Shoppers. Enjoy.

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