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We interrupt this cartoon strip to present some fake memorabilia for the band Headlice of the Gods featured in the last two weeks of comic strips. The first is artwork from the t-shirt from their region tour in 1993.

The other are glamor shots of band members Chigger, Murray Funderbunk and Earl Hipposteele. These were taken as part of their failed attempt to create a sitcom based around band mates living together. This poorly executed Monkees knock-off never made it past the initial pilot episode, I’m A Headbanger.

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New Ones!

I’m happy to say that I have a whole batch of new cartoons to post. Everything that’s been posted so far was drawn 5 or 6 years ago (and some of those were redrawn versions of even older cartoons). It’s been fun to show some of our favorite old ones, but I’m glad that we’re working on new ideas again too (although some of these are also redrawn versions of older ideas). Rob has changed his drawing style a bit for these. Do you like the new style better or the old one? Let us know.

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I built my first site in 1994 because I wanted to get our cartoons out to a wider audience. I was reminded of this when I was going through some old clippings and saw a link to the site (the easy to remember http://ccwf.cc.utexas.edu/~weldon/alliswell.html). Astonishingly some of the pages still exist in the Internet Archive.

Picture 1

After Rob and I graduated in 1996, we didn’t do much cartooning for a while. In 1999 though I wanted to move to New York and and get a job doing web development, so I created a new Flash-based All Is Well site to use as part of my portfolio. I got a job and got sucked in to the start-up dot com boom and didn’t have time to do anything else with the site.

Picture 3

A few years later when the start-up dot com boom thing busted and I got laid off, I had a bit more time to start working on a new version of the site. Rob and I spent a few years bringing back some of our favorite cartoons and posting new ones as well. This went on until we both went to graduate school at the same time in 2005.

Picture 2

Now we’re giving cartooning another go and trying out the whole social networking thing—we have the requisite Twitter, Facebook and blog accounts. I imagine the next time Rob and I do some cartoon stuff we’ll be piping our images directly into people’s minds through our new neural net page, but I think I’m getting a little ahead of myself now.

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Shortly after having written that I won’t be updating this blog anymore, I’m going to start updating this blog more.

My friend Rob emailed me recently and reminded me that it’s been 20 years since we met in high school and started working on cartoons together. He suggested that we dig up old ideas and come up with a retrospective. That sounded like a good idea, so we’ll start posting some of our favorite cartoons here to share with people.

I figure we might also be able to find a way to crowdsource our way into the New Yorker. We mailed many different unsolicited cartoon portfolios to them several years ago and got nowhere, but perhaps an unsolicited online portfolio that encourages friends and random readers to contact the New Yorker on our behalf can get their attention. We’re about to find out…

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A Bit More Frequently

So it looks like I haven’t done anything with this blog since September 2007. Maintaining one blog just seems easier now than having two, so I’ll try to post a bit more frequently about cartoons over there.

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Rob and David wanted a place to write about cartoons and other things that may or may not be worth posting to the Internet. So that explains this. Feel free to look around and enjoy whatever it is that happens to get posted here at some point in the future.

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