Week seven has Headlice of the Gods singing suggestive songs in the produce section and the two band members who survive the experience make gratuitous comparisons to The Beatles and eagerly make plans for their solo careers.

Week six has the employees conducting extensive market research and then booking Headlice of the Gods as a live music act in the hope that they will help drum up sales at the store (dismissive things are also said about The Rolling Stones).

Week five has the store employees brainstorming ways to increase sales. Will a second hand grocery store or donuts with the creamy filling on the outside be the idea that saves the store? Would either of those even be possible?

Week four has the store employees make their first foray into crime fighting as a team when their new store crime computer/bar-code scanner tells them about a shoplifter in aisle 12.

Week three has the store employees uniting as a team to protect against supermarket-based evil and darkness and to make shopping fun and safe for good people everywhere.

Week two has the store employees trying to rescue a shopper who fell down a well in aisle 6.

Week one introduces most of the members of the Baggers team: Abe, Nathan, Mrs. Wanda, Mr. Mental Hygiene and HydroNova.

Note: I can’t find the originals for these so the scans are coming from clips that are over 15 years old so the image quality isn’t that great.