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My last post about Threadless submissions is about the first design I sent in. I thought our stormtrooper cartoon would look good (I think the image looks much better on the shirt than the other two designs) so I tried that.

The design had too much text on it and was rejected. I was interested in seeing how the whole voting process worked though, so I removed the text and resubmitted.

This wasn’t the smartest thing to do since without any words there’s just a stormtrooper standing there. Who is going to look at this and think ‘It looks like he’s got some sex toys on one end of his blaster and I see how that contrasts with the other end’? No one — except Rob 🙂

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After submitting the giant chicken design to Threadless, I tried sending in our New Year’s cartoon.


People really liked the idea of it in the comments—the problem was with the execution. Rob does all his drawings on paper and I scan those for the site. I’m not an artist though, so I made a bit of a mess with the submission (wrong colors, thick lines…).


I guess we should team up with someone who knows what they’re doing with Illustrator and then resubmit. Feel free to email if you want your name associated with a picture of Santa Claus giving birth to baby new year 🙂

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I love Threadless and have tried several times to get one of our cartoons printed on one of their shirts. It didn’t end up working out, but there are a couple interesting stories from the attempts.


Our giant chicken monster as pet cartoon seemed to me to be something that would be visually interesting so I tried submitting that. In people’s comments I found out that this was just one of many “boy/girl finds a huge monster and adopts it as a pet” designs they’ve received.


Just more proof that all of these ideas are floating around in the ether and that anything someone comes up with has probably been done before.

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